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Hawker 800XP

Lockheed won a Foreign Military Sale (FMS) contract to provide the Korean military with a Synthetic Aperture Radar Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance (ISR) platform to provide independent verification of the reconnaissance information being obtained by the United States. The Hawker 800XP Eagle Program, as part of the Korean Peace Krypton project, was modified to include the 15 KVA SAR transmitter and work station for real time analysis.


The exterior of the aircraft included the SAR antenna and aerodynamic modification to increase directional stability. Military communications equipment including an ARC-164 and Word of the Day  secure communications was installed. The engine driver 350 Amp, 28 Volt generators where replaced with 500 Amp, 28 Volt generators to support the ISR equipment. In addition, the APU was modified and certified to increase operational altitude from 29,000 feet to 36,000 ft. 

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